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IL-2 Great Battles- Luftwaffe War Diary II/JG52.

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I am Making daily flights. Flying live in a carrer Mode in the life of a Luftwaffe Pilot.


i go to mission number 32. Where Flight after flight the Rusian VVS is stronger and with more Firepower.


it`s Long to see all the flights, but when you see three flights, you`ll want to know more about the pilot day by day.

I assure you that i have never died because of the luck that seems to be on my side, sometimes death has smiled in front of my Plane..


-When the war caught up with Young Keith Bauer, I was very clear that he wanted to be, he wanted to be a Luftwaffe pilot.

-After passing through the various camps and schools, he finally won the pilot's badge, and was assigned to the II/JG52.

Now day by day, fighting on Russia's new, terrifying and cruel battlefield, he wants to be the same as his childhood idols, such as Manfred von Richthofen, Ernst Udet.

Inspired also by the more recent German Aces such as Werner Mölders, he is determined to be like them or better.


Every day or two, I'm going to fly with the IL-2 BoX with the Luftwaffe in Career Mode, so you can see progress this magnificent luftwaffe pilot every day.

all flights will be live to offer more experience to anyone who follows the German air campaign. Thanks you all.


Showing people the power of the Carrer Mode of our magnificient Simulator.

There is not only fun in online mode.




Salute all Pilots and enjoy for this serie

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