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Mission Editior: Report for what is causing high tickrates

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Hi there,


As a server owner who has missions with AI vehicles in the missions to make the missions feel a lot more populated and war zone like.

One of the things I run into when building missions for my server is trying to work out what is causing the tickrate to be high.

Is there a way (or can you make a way) to make a report or indication of what may be causing the tickrate to be higher than expected?

Some sort of tools to show "This unit is using x amount of cpu time or tickrate"
I find it very hard to make compelling missions when even a small amount of units (in my mind) causes excessive tickrate on the server.

An example:
I built a test mission that has a single allied airfield with 6 AA guns and an plane spawn, the axis side had waves of bombers spawning and coming to bomb the airfield.
I found that the most bombers I could have on my server without the tickrate becoming unworkable was 24 bombers. It did not matter if they were He-111's or Ju88's they both had the same effect.

However on another mission I had another combination of AI and I couldnt have even half that number of AI planes active but could not work out why.

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