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Online for servers other than Hyperlobby

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Im a bit curious if its still for the public= like it was on Hyperlobby but the online servers now are getting harder to find with players. Is there 

any capable or available and accepts 2019 registrations? Advance thank you..

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You can find us on hyperlobby, "The Flying Ass Clowns".

We do hold regular sunday sessions starting at 2PM Zulu (DST time, otherwise 3PM Zulu) on sunday, with quite a bunch of friendly fellows online there for 3-4 hours, sometimes longer.

Additionally on the same server the "Chuffys Flying Circus" hold their regular sessions on tuesdays/thursdays at about 7PM Zulu DST with varying amount of players.

We play Ultrapack 3.2 which is available here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,190.0.html

(Ultrapack because it's the only version with fully supported, online compatible Zuti "Moving Dogfight Server" mod, which is excessively used on our missions)


We do consider ourselves "online playing offliners" - you will hardly find the "killer" type of PvP player among us, most of us are happy if they can RTB in one piece.

We have TeamSpeak comms available.

Everyone is welcome.


Don't worry if Hyperlobby shows no players, unfortunately the numbers on Hyperlobby are misleading in that they only show player who have connected through Hyperlobby, which is just 1 or two other players but me...




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