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[FC] The 103d Aero Squadron USAS.

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Good morning, Gents!

The 103d Aero Squadron is seeking new recruits to join our ranks, and encourages pilots of any skill level to apply. We are a First World War SPAD XIII squadron that operates within Eastern Time (primarily, but not exclusively). Have a look below for some information on our unit! 


You can visit our website at www.us103.enjin.com . 

The Historical 103d Aero Squadron. 

The 103d Aero Squadron was an American Pursuit Squadron that served in France and Belgium during the Great War. Although lesser-known when compared to iconic American squadrons, such as the famous 'Hat-In-The-Ring' Squadron, the 103d has a rich and unique history within the United States Air Service - among its ranks were history's first American combat pilots. Upon America's official entry into the war, the pilots of the famous Lafayette Escadrille, the American volunteer squadron flying with the French air service, were transferred into the U.S. Army. The pilots were reorganised into a new American squadron - the 103d Aero Squadron. As the United States Air Service grew, many former pilots of the 103d Aero Squadron assumed various commands within the fledgeling Air Force, such as Charles J. Biddle, C.O of the 13th Aero Squadron & William 'Bill' Thaw, commander of the 3d Pursuit Group. In total, the 103d would provide 12 Squadron C.Os and 3 Group Commanders during the First World War.


As the direct descendants of the Lafayette Escadrille, the 103d Aero Squadron inherited the famous 'Sioux Indian Head' as its squadron insignia, one of the most iconic emblems of the Great War.




The Famous 'Sioux Head' Insignia.



The Virtual 103d Aero Squadron. 


The virtual 103d was formed as a Rise of Flight Squadron in late 2016, and we continue to be active within Flying Circus. With ever-growing interest in the newer Great War title we are keen to fill up our flight roster! 


We are a historical realism based unit, meaning we focus on developing Squadron Tactics, we take our Virtual Lives seriously, and we have a defined squadron chain-of-command. In addition, our members  take on the names of historical 103d pilots (For example, my historical namesake is Capt. G. DeFreest Larner). This is not a requirement, but a big part of the fun is researching your historical counterpart! All that being said, we are, first and foremost, out to have a good time! The 103d is, currently, exclusively WW1-based.



Flying with the 103d comes with several perks, such as:


- Safety in numbers! Our pilots always look out for their wingmen. 


- Regular training nights every Monday, hosted on our private Training server. 


- A brand-new Great War experience: Squadron-vs-Squadron Furballs, daring offensive patrols, an in-house claiming and scoring system, etc. Flying with the 103d offers a new and exciting approach to WW1 Flight Simulation. 


- A great sense of camaraderie! Despite our historical approach, we have tons of fun when we fly together. You'll soon know all the in-jokes!

- Access to training manuals & videos produced by 103d members, designed to convert even the greenest pilots to hardened aces! 

- Access to our 'Tactics & Strategy' sub-forum, where we discuss everything from Lone-Wolfing tactics to full-blown Squadron vs Squadron strategies! 


-And, of course, your own Squadron Aeroplane, marked with a personal identification number and your flight's colours. 



What are the requirements? 


The 103d is all-inclusive! We have no age or skill limitations. That being said, the following prerequisites should be met before applying: 


- Members are expected to work together during operations. 
- Members must have TeamSpeak 3 and a microphone. 

- Members are expected to have a 'mature' outlook. 

- Members must be willing to primarily fly our historical Squadron Aircraft during Ops Nights (SPAD XIII) 


What happens when I join? 


Upon joining the 103d, you will start off with the rank of Corporal for your initial training, and will later be promoted to Sergeant. During this period you will get to know your fellow pilots and be introduced to our training regime. You will also join us in Squadron Operations nights to face off against the Bosche! During this period you will have the opportunity to be awarded the Médaille Militaire, one of the rarest medals in our squadron, and only available to NCO pilots! This can be done by shooting down 5 enemy aircraft within one virtual life while holding an NCO rank.


Once you have gone through the initial training period, you will be promoted to 2nd. Lieutenant and assigned to a flight. The 103d is divided into 1st Flight, 2nd Flight & 3rd Flight. You will also be assigned your Squadron Skin for the SPAD XIII, bearing the Squadron Insignia, your Flight markings (red noses for 1st, white for 2nd, and blue for 3rd), and your own personal fuselage number! 

Your name will be added to our Squadron Scoreboard, where we track pilots' victories on Operations Nights. After each Operations Night, we fill our after-action reports and submit our victory claims, which are confirmed (or rejected!) based on our own confirmation system. However, if you are killed on an operations night your score is reset to 0! Can you become the 103d's next Ace-of-Aces? 




Two SPAD XIIIs of 3rd Flight.




Ok - I'm in! Where do I sign up?


Simply come on over to www.us3pg.enjin.com and submit an application! Our C.O, Capt. Hunter, will review your application and get back to you promptly. However, if you're not entirely sure if you want to join right away, feel free to tag along on an Operations Night and get a feel for flying with the Squadron! We're always more than happy to have non-members join our patrols! 



We hope to welcome you into our ranks soon! 



- Lt. G. DeFreest Larner, 

Adjutant, 103d Aero Squadron. 









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The 103d is still active and looking for new recruits to round off our flight roster! Whether you're an old hand at WW1 aviation, brand new to it, or fly WW2 but haven't yet tried your hand at 'The Era of Wood and Wire', come and see us at www.us3pg.enjin.com and enlist today! 





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