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Single-player needs more attention!

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I originally wanted to write a long essay how the single-player in IL2 GB is poorly done, and how it should be improved. But I think there are lots of topics about it on this forum so it would be contraproductive to waste time with it. There is problematic AI, too complex  FMB, poorly done AI coms, ATC and ability to control your squadrons, performance issues etc. etc. What I suggest is to take  some time and make SP great again. I dont care If game have 8 flyable planes or 800. I dont need new expansion each year.  Without proper SP,  its still only half-baked and Its alienating a large portion of community. So please, instead of making another expansion, take some time to solve issues that are haunting this otherwise great sim practicaly from beggining (poor SP being one of them.)

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