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Tiger Moth Shoot-up #9

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Event Itinerary

- Everyone try and get on TS 15-20 min before start

- @2100GMT we will walk through the start up of the Tiger Moth (can be tricky for some) (5-10min)

- Everyone taxi to their starting spots (5min)

- Run 1vs1 (16 fight's @ 3-5min each) (50-70min)

- Take off at the same time then turn and fight to the death over the airfield.

- Team Match! (15-30 min+) If there is enough interest we'll try some 2v2 or 3v3!

- Free-For-All, for the remaining time.(Open to all if we get more than 16) (15-30 min+)

Sign up @


Simply ask, and we'll try to get some training time set up!
Have an idea for a Moth Skin, but don't know where to start‽ Ask/post for help. We are more than happy to assist!
Aiming to keep this going the first Saturday of every month![unless otherwise announced]

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