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I've had an EDTracker for over a month now but not flown a lot. Flown a little, then a multi-day gap, and so on.

And some gaps due to having to replace its USB cable and so on.

I.e. some gaps that involved a substantial change (new USB cable, switched the cable direction on the headset, fixed it to the headset with different materials), and other gaps with no change I can think off.

When I get back to a session of flying, the physical layout, i.e. where I sit, the direction I'm facing, where the monitor is, are roughly the same, but there can be minor variations.

Initially when I had calibrated and set level the E.T. it had minimal drift. Then a gap where I changed the cable. More drift.

Then a gap where I turned the E.T. 180 deg, but I assumed this might have to involve possibly recalibration, but at least a new 'set level'. Then much more drift.

When the drift was much more than expected, sometimes I would 'set level' again, without much change. I also recalibrated again without much improvement.

Then a gap, some days. I flew again. To my suprise, no drift. Then a gap, some days. I flew again. Suddenly lots of drift again.

I don't have a thorough understanding of the sensor (magnetometer I believe).

Any EdTracker users out there with experience in this kind of thing?

Is it to be expected that the magnetic situation in a flat might change over the course of some days, explaining these changes in drift?

Or are there specific things which are known to upset the sensor and which shouldn't be in the vicinity of the headset?

How often do people 'set level'? Hardly ever? Before each flying session? Et cetera...





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The head image in edtracker program is never straight when I start edtracker because my headphones are usually laying on the table. So I use Set level every time when I put headphones on and start IL-2.


I've noticed there is less drifting if  rotate the edtracker in every direction before setting level.

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I have never noticed 'drift' during a game though like Remontti I do find it is slightly off when I first start playing so I always center both EDTracker & Opentrack at the beginning.  I always sit very still when I first turn it on and it says it is calibrating but I am not sure if I need to.

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