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Gotta say IL2 is nice in VR...but get the right kind of VR!

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4 hours ago, SCG_CorZero said:

Thanks to everyone for posting your experiences.  I have had the Rift since it came out 3+ years ago, and was so looking forward to getting the Reverb.  Well it came from Amazon with a busted left headphone, but I tried it anyway and sent the Reverb back because:


1.  The heavy cable made it awkward and uncomfortable to wear.

2.  The 'sweet spot' seemed about 50% smaller than the Rift, and needed more headset adjusting (frequent due to the heavy cable).

3.  The higher resolution was nice, but only about 30-40% better imo than the Rift.

4.  WMR software seemed to gag at times, not sure its reliable enough.

5.  Controllers not near as nice as the Rift's.


After reading many of your posts I have ordered the Rift S !



Ah, this sweet spot issue seems to be the main fault of the Reverb. The Rift S has a much larger sweet spot (at least compared to the Vive).

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On 7/15/2019 at 8:10 PM, dburne said:




Nice choice!

Yes I found the difference between CV1 and Rift S much more substantial than I thought it would be.


Same. And after a couple updates to the firmware, I've sold my CV1 and 3rd sensor setup. Recouped 3/4 of the cost spend upgrading to the Rift S. The Rift S is a GREAT upgrade for simming from the Vive or CV1. I know there is still some tracking concerns, but if you're using a HOTAS, all the downsides go away. 

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After some testing of my 8K

Yes the right headset is wonders for VR and Il2.


Pushing a render target of 6648 x 6112 with Balanced graphics in game flying over Kuban.....

OMG = Autumn in Kuban = gorgeous.

Ok, pushing the frame rate but it was smoothish in mid to low 30's - not a chop fest at all.  Played with 2x 110 G's in my Yak 1B and combat was smooth with easy to Id targets.


Much potential.  SteamVR render limits need some work down the track.  Hit a wall if I go beyond 8192 on either Vertical or Horizontal.  Then again, my computer would be a slide fest but hey - that's what testing is for.


Need just a little better compatibility with PiTool FFR Aggressive setting.  Il2 can be hit and miss with it.

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Be aware:

The videos don't nail it,  he's very inconsistent in putting up the camera correctly, doesn't use native resolutions but renders different supersampling rates among the headsets (SS higher than normal, on others lower), and even with the same headsets, when they reappear in consecutive videos. 


He has been criticized for that repeatedly but doesn't respond to criticism on YT, and his fan base just flags such posts. 


The comparisons are bad. They ignore ceteris paribus. They do have nice chill music to them though.

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