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Rift S unable to run IL-2 through Steam or OpenComposite!

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Hey guys!


Just got my hands on a Rift S and while I've been having a great time with other games, IL-2 just doesn't seem to be cooperating.


I've thus far successfully played Gorn, Pavlov and some other free titles just fine running straight through Steam VR. However, if I try to run IL-2, my headset just "cuts out" to a black screen (orange light) and Steam VR says the headset has been disconnected. Sometimes the headset glitches out and shows static and/or prompts about the right controller being low on battery. This all only stops if I either reboot the PC or use the reboot Oculus function.



If I use OpenComposite, I can get into the game just fine and even load into a plane... but it's stuttery as all hell and very laggy. Eventually it loses head tracking and then I get some message from OpenComposite saying "HMD no longer present."

I'm sure this must be an issue with the game since everything else is running fine? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I might do? This is on a completely clean reinstall of Windows 10. Drivers are updated. IL-2 (the main reason I bought this headset) is the only thing that seems to be acting up.

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3 hours ago, BritishExile said:

Thanks for getting back to me!

I've resolved the problem - turns out Razer Cortex was interfering with several of my VR titles. Disabling it has everything working fine now.



Computers - gotta love em!

Good deal have fun!!

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