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Pacific Suggestion for the first installment.


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Hello, first of all I’d like to apologize in advance for my writing, I’m not a native speaker so things might appear “odd” in the rest of this post 😁


This is a suggestion for what could be in the future the first expansion for IL-2 GBS into the Pacific Theater and I bring this with a few things in mind apart of personal preference.

The theater in question would be the New Guinea campaign starting in early April ‘42.

It could cover from the taking of Lae by Japanese forces and the subsequent Operation Mo to take Port Moresby from the Allies to beyond, possibly until November ‘42.


Now, why New Guinea? Well, many reasons, I will enumerate 7 of them below:


  1. New Guinea was a major part for the pacific theater and had profound impact on the course of the war
  2. It was the area in which the famous “Tainan Air Group” operated, from the airfield of Lae, these men, most notably Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, Saburo Sakai and Toshio Ota, had a remarkable tour of duty and together had more than 150 air kills by the end of the conflict.
  3. It was an intense sector of operations with daily fights that spread through weeks and daily ground attacks performed by heavy, medium and light aircraft.
  4. Diversified nature of the bombing missions carried out specially by the allies. From high altitude bombings with B-17s to low altitude airfield raids with B-25s and B-26s.
  5. No immediate necessity of carriers to be involved. Most of these fights were conducted from ground installations for both the Japanese and the Allied nations. Such as Lae for the Japanese and Moresby for the allies (with many more options, even perhaps an air spawn far south to indicate bombers from the Australian mainland).
  6. A few aircrafts such as the P40 and the P39 are already present in-game and would only need minor changes to be applied to the PTO.
  7. Inclusion of interesting nations for the allied side such as Dutch and Australian markings.

and extra:



As you can see, New Guinea is a fresh theater with a fresh feel and many possibilities but without the much larger work needed for a possible Midway, no need for carrier operations and complex naval AI or whatever else needs to be done on that front to make it authentic. It would be a perfect kick off for the period and way less tiresome.


For the maps I have 2 suggestions: one which is already fairly large but would be the minimum necessary for a authentic campaign, and the second which is most likely the bigger one yet on the series, but seeing as most of the map is an huge ocean I assume it could prove to be at the most as hard as Bodenplatte. 




"Smaller" map, contain the area where most of the action raged on, with Rabaul just outside the map.




Bigger map with Rabaul and the entire Island of New Britain. (Maybe another map could be made, one that would also cover the solomon islands but... That's too much isn't it?)


The aircraft list is something that is of course tied in to historical accuracy so this is just a personal preference since I’m sure the devs and community members will have better ideas.





  Japan                                                                 v                                                       Allies


  F1M (possibly collector)                                                                                     PBY Catalina

    A5M2                                                                                                                       P-40

    A6M2                                                                                                               Brewster Buffalo

    A6M3 mod32                                                                                                         P-39

    G4M                                                                                                                        P-400

    H6K                                                                                                                          B-26

    & others…                                                                                                               P-36






Ps: Sorry about the bold letters, I couldn't deactivate them for some reason.

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