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A thought on how to 'fudge' bomb crater damage while we wait for the proper version

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I know the team already has it on the list to implement damage from hitting bomb craters but I believe it is hard to do properly and will be a while.  I wonder if in the short term there is a way to somehow extend or repeat the damage done by the initial explosion without showing the explosion graphics beyond the first one.   The blast radius in the subsequent 'explosions' would be no bigger than the crater obviously and the damage only enough to break undercarriage. 

The above is just a suggestion.  It may be completely impossible because of the way that piece of code works but I thought I would ask as I used to work in IT and sometimes an outrageous idea is easier than it looks.



More realism than a 2D crater and more satisfaction for bomber pilots who can now bring more historic value to the battle.  

Even if it only lasted a few minutes, it would allow the bomber pilot to feel he was helping the war effort more by denying the enemy use of the runway and/or taxiways for a few minutes.


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