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WWI bomber returns to the skies

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Posted (edited)

I've good news regarding the only flyable Airco DH.9 returning to the skies today.


This is an email from a dear friend who was once curator of the RAF Museum.





I will have more tomorrow (with infinitely better, official, photographs) - but for now, I can tell you that the World's only flyable, genuine, WW1 bomber took to the air again, today.
The Airco DH.9 (manufactured by Waring and Gillow, and recovered from an elephant stable in India 20 years ago) flew in the steady hands of Dodge Bailey of the Shuttleworth Trust. The first flight took place at the Imperial War Museum, where it will be based with the Historic Aircraft Collection. The DH.9 suffered from a bad engine (which Guy Black has successfully modified), and it wasn't until it was fitted with a 400hp Liberty (and became the DH.9A) that its full potential was realised. The DH.p was the first 'strategic' bomber of WW1, and was capable of carrying an internal bombload.
This has a genuine Beardmore-Halford-Pullinger (BHP) engine, the really bad engine that was replaced by a variant of that engine called the Armstrong Siddeley Puma. Fortunately, Guy Black has sorted out the myriad faults of the original BHP (amongst which was the horrid tendency for the rocker arms to smash at high revs - this was traced to the fact that the manufacturers insisted on heavily stamping their name on the rockers, which, of course, failed at this natural stress point!) Guy and I are very close, despite the fact that he is 3,800 miles away. Guy Black, of HAC and Retrotec, is an utter genius, and an old friend. His next project? Another De Havilland type - our Mosquito!!
As I said the photographs are just for your information, and cannot be used elsewhere until I get a release, tomorrow

I'll update tomorrow with the official photos.


COPY DH.9, cockpit.jpg

COPY DH9,  1.jpg

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Posted (edited)

OT - My friend is part of the People's Mosquito Project working to restore one of the rare birds to flight. While gathering data he acquired a set of CAD design files detailing every nut, bolt and woodscrew that went into the assembly. Upon hearing of his discovery I arranged for him to share the treasure trove with the development team of IL*2.


This means we may be getting our hands on a virtual D98 Mossie much sooner than expected.



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38 minutes ago, 307_Tomcat said:

Any videos of her ?

They haven't posted a video of the flight yet.

Here is the engine test conducted 6 months ago.


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