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Logitech Extreme 3D

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Hi, i am new to IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and have problems to get my Logitech Joystick working with the game. Is there a standard Logitech.ini file which i can just load so that all functions are handled by the Logitech? 

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Posted (edited)

The game don't come with any "Logitech.ini" or other joystick brand .ini.


Just the "ConfUser.ini" that contain the assignment of two different (of unknown brand) joysticks, plus a 5 buttons mouse (IMHO -  not much useful).


You need assign your joystick axes and button in game controls for desired functions.


Or in Logitech software assign joy buttons to press keys assigned in games (in the mentioned ConfUser.ini).

Keep in mind that certain controls, like the much necessary

"Signal Ground Crew for insert/Remove Chocks" don't have keys assigned

Two commands are assigned with conflict in between in "Mouse Left",

And six assignments are useless:

"Select #3 engine" to "Select #8 engine" - in Shift+3 to Shift+8 - by the obvious motive that no plane in game have more than two engines😀

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