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How to set durability values for vehicles?

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Even I found out how to set them for blocks but changing them for vehicles seems to be too much for my skills...

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All the blue arrows are entities that have preset durability, and can not be changed. All the red arrows are entities that can have durability values changed.





Some entities look the same, but can come from different sets of entities. As an example, an Opel truck can come from the vehicle's group and the block's group. If the Opel truck is a vehicle group entity, then it can have more logic tied to it (ie: it can move, shoot, and react to events), but it has a predetermined durability. On the flip side, if the Opel truck is from the block group, then it will not have much logic (ie: it can't move or shoot) and can have a durability setting. 


Edit: Vehicle group entities also use more performance in your server than a block group entity, because they can use more logic. Always try to use a block entity when able.


The reason for the predetermined durability value is because the entity will behave differently depending on it's durability value. Ie: If the entity is missing a wing, then it probably won't be flying much longer! 😄

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