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Question about Bf 110 | Boost

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One question what i have not been able to find answer for is:


Why Bf 110 G models did not have boost like MW50/GM-1 for the planes in later years of wartime.

Also in my understanding Me 410 did have boost in later models.


So my question is about Bf 110 because they could have even retrofitted this feature if they would have wanted.

Plane itself was quite expensive and i don't see reason why it was not improved this way like most german other fighters.


What i think it would have given better survival against allied strategic bombing campaign and in night fighter operations.


If someone knows the facts about this i would really want to know. :)


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In 1944, both types production was discontinued due to concentration on the Jägernotprogramm.


They were outdated and inefficient. The good effectiveness of the 110 as a Schlachtflieger/Jabo you see ingame was not there historically:

- vulnerability to ubiqitious MG / light AA / Flak

- high production cost

- high fuel consumption

(the latter two compared to the Ju87 / Fw190 Schlachtflieger).

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