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Bloody April, Black September

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I was in the library today with my daughter. As she went about some school related work, I browsed the history section. Military Aviation, of course.

I came across a book titled, "Bloody April, Black September." Now, I was familiar with Bloody April. I understood it to be the worst month of the First World War. But Black September?

I pulled it off of the shelf and sat down. As it turns out, April of 1917 was not the British and French pilot's worst month of the war. Just six months before the end of the war, even though outnumbered in both airplanes and men, and running short of fuel, the Jastas managed to give the British, French and newly arrived American pilots a severe beating. As I read the number of losses I was very surprised. Like many, I thought the German Air Force was being severely beaten at this time and that the SPADS, Sopwiths, and SE-5's had air superiority over the Western Front. Doesn't seem to have been the case. 

Am I the only one not familiar with "Black September," 1918?

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