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Proximity don't active vehicle group

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Dear friends, here I am with another question.
I'm trying a simple action: when the player's plane approaches a group of enemy vehicles, they become visible and move along a predetermined path.
Using Proximity + Spawner Trigger I have obtained the result, but due to the fact that this MCU does not activate the whole formation, but only one object at a time, we need to use a lot of Object links, so I decided to try Proximity + Activate.
But only the group leader is activated and does not move towards the first WP.
I enclose the mission by asking you kindly to test it and suggest solutions I suspect that the problem coul be in the advanced properties of Proximity (planes, vehicle coaliti
ons ecc)

Thanks, Stebas.


Proximity test.rar

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Dear Hunger and Gambit,
first of all thank you for spending your time in answering my question.
I totally agree with the graph drawn by Hunger, in fact I believe that my mission respects that.
So I kindly ask you to try my mission and make the necessary corrections so that I can account for my mistakes.
Please attach the right mission file after the changes you intend to make, so I can compare the two missions.
Thanks, Stebas.

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Kinda long, but I go over some basics for setting up a moving convoy once a player enters the checkzone MCU.




I looked over your mission, and you're using the wrong MCU, for what you're trying to accomplish. You'll need to use a Checkzone MCU. Also, trigger activate isn't need to turn on a waypoint (or to turn on the timer for your subtitle MCU). Waypoints are already enabled, but are not active. Just send a notification (such as a timer MCU, checkzone MCU, waypoint MCU, mission begin MCU and so on) to the waypoint MCU is enough to tell the vehicles to move that particular waypoint. Hope this helps!



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Thanks Sketch!


I will have a look at your mission when I'm at home later stebas. 

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I want to thank Sketch very much because he posted a real video-tutorial that, starting from the problem I proposed, has enriched the mission with a series of very interesting options and I think this can be of great help not only for me, but also for the whole community of passionate missions builders.
I had the patience (it is an hour long ...) to follow step by step the whole construction of Sketch and, even if I did not have tested, I think I understood the logic and the philosophy of his reasoning.
At the same time, however, while Sketch used the Check Zone logic, I wanted to carry on my first idea, namely to use the Proximity Trigger, because it seemed me impossible that it could not be used for the purpose of this mission.
And in the end I succeeded in the purpose. The chart shows how I worked.
When the player (not visible being out of the left side) approaches within a radius of 3 km from an already enabled object (in this case a vehicle), the Proxi triggers an Activate trigger which enables the leader of the vehicle group and then all the others in the formation (at the start they are not enabled). In the meantime, send to the player a message confirming the activation.
The proximity switch has a TL with WP 1 that is OL to the leader, which starts moving, followed by the other vehicles in the direction of WP 2 and WP 3.
In order to avoid that every time the player moves away from the radius of 3 km and then re-enters it, continually activating the Proximity and causing the return to WP 1 of the vehicles, I inserted a Deactive after WP 1 with a TL at the Proximity that then fires only once and then turn off (I think we could use also a Counter to 1).
I have tested the mission and it seems to work.

Then I saw that Hunger also posted a mission that he modified and I realized that, basically, it is very similar to mine, even if he added a Formation command to complete the job.
Thank you very much both Sketch and Hunger for engaging in this work that I think can be useful to someone else.
Greetings, Stebas.
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