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Skins not showing in folder W10 -Help!

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Hi, Forgive me if there is a more appropriate place but i shoved it here because its not a skin issuer as such but a generally W10 issue i think.


So, first i couldnt see exported images from gimp in the relevent skin folder. Then if i dragged a skin into the folder it appeared but neither the game or viewer saw it and instisted on loading the old version of the skin it supposedly overwrote. Then I unchecked the read only properties and could export normally. Gimp sees the files as does the game and viewer. 


But i dont see the dds files when i open the skin folder. In fact all i see are some old files i deleted previously.


Ive followed about 6 "expert" BS guides so far to no avail but probably to the detrement of my PC and ill be damned if im calling MS as they are and always have been useless.


Ive rather lost my sense of humour about all this.  


So.....any ideas anyone?


So for me at least it get wierder - deleted an old file (that shouldnt be there cos it was already deleted), closed the folder, reopened it and LO! all the new skins have appeared!! I could theroise but i dont know why really. Some bug in Windows quick access memory perhaps? Anyhow - my humour is returning slightly although i still think MS W10 updates should just leave me the F alone! 🙂


AND theyve gone again!


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