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Still not fluent experience

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Hi all pilot Aces,


Its a long time I am not able to get fluent and nicely smooth experience of Flying.

Last time I did it was the halve of the last year (2018). Then - Many new releases was out. Some updates of BOS, some updates of Oculus software and some updates of GPU drivers.

From such moment I tried everything and game is not running perfectly.


My rig:

Ryzen 5 1600

2x RX580 8GB in Crossfire mode

16GB DDR4 at 3200MHz

SSD disc


In mode Without VR, I can run at Ultra settings and I dont drop below 90fps. (excellent image and perfectly smoothed game)

But with VR (Oculus Rift) I have 90only in clear sky.

When 10 or 15 planes I have 45, and its quite OK.

But in full server (20-30planes) I got sometimes 30, flying is not fluent, sometimes stuttering, some planes are jumping or freezing, the experience is not good, I would say unplayable.

Even when I have 45fps The game is not SUCH fluent as with 90fps.

I tried ASW off, ASW on, doesnt help too much. I tried main settings to low, to medium to high (seems sometimes better in high mode!) I tried Oculus tray tool. And all possible settings. Didnt help. I tried all possible settings in game Up or Down, but without higher changes!! Seems like its a searching of needle in the hill of hay.

I tried get back old drivers of graphic card, didnt help.

Fully reinstalling of PC system and very new installation of game, Oculus and steam, didnt help.


My own conclusion is such: It all came broken when: New update of Oculus rift software was published. And new updates of game were published. Both together brought higher demands for PC and some of them could be not optimised as it could.

I remember a year ago I could play game without launching Oculus soft. I run only il2.exe and game went nicely smooth in VR when Oculus was not running in background. But when the game was linked with Steam account, this possibility just ended.


I dont like Steam soft. It seems it is NOT optimised,

I hate Oculus soft.... it seems it is NOT optimised.

And together my game experience in VR is not perfect.


Any solution, guys?


PS: In future updates of game I wish much more FPS optimisation, I wish much better support of multithreading of Ryzen AMD CPUs. (Now in full load the CPU runs at 45 percent, and 1GPU at 70percentm, the 2. gpu at 10percent)

 I wish easy to use and fluent experience WITHOUT any difficult changing of settings to find optimise way for play.


No more planes, or maps, this doesnt help us in better game.....


Thank you for your reading and trying to help

With regards





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