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Can't join Co-op games hosted by friends and vice-versa

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Hi everyone, so I have been having a problem with Co-Op missions since they have been added to the game. I can never join games my friends host and they can never join mine. The only error message I get is something along the lines  of "unable to connect", with no further information displayed.


I've hypothesized about it possibly being a UDP issue, but does IL2 not automatically connect through the appropriate open ports?


If anyone could help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it.

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I'm assuming you are using your DServer account.


* Make sure the mission is saved in the correct folder on the DServer PC. The .list file for the mission shows the correct folder to save the mission in on the DServer PC. Also, make sure the .list file is not empty.

* Make sure "Cooperative" is selected in the "Mission Type" drop down list of the mission properties.

* Make sure that the correct IP address is specified in the DServer configuration.

* Check if there is a problem with the master server, which is a romote sever which should register your mission on the Coop mission list. Note: an empty IL-2 mission list may indicate a master server problem.


If using the in game multiplayer functions... Check your Multiplayer Settings within the game.... ensure the correct IP address has been entered. Ensuring that the intended mission is in the correct folder still applies as does ensuring that "Cooperative" is designated as the Mission Type.


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