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Hitbox or server potential issue

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Flew a HE-111 H-6 bombing mission on the WoL server tonight, on my return flight home I was intercepted by an IL-2. As I was switching between gunner seats to engage I noticed he was a few hundred feet below me and firing, I thought it was strange but maybe he was engaging another target I couldn't see. Yet I was getting hit every time they fired and no one else was on my tail.


I happened to be capturing the flight with Tacview and went to take a look afterwards and sure enough the IL-2 was the only other plane around and he was firing and hitting me despite not firing directly at me. Here is an example of what I mean. In one instance they had finished a run on me and turned around flying away and was continuing to fire and register hits.


The attached capture is from the Tacview capture, the yellow tracers are bullets the IL-2 is firing and the yellow bubbles around me (HE-111) are hit scores and it lines it up with my observation in game.


Just curios if anyone else has seen this. I'm not accusing anyone of cheating, my guess is it was performance issues with the server although my game ran smoothly at 60 FPS with no apparent lag. But thought I would note it here in case anyone else has similar issues.


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Heaven forbid you from accusing anybody of cheating, otherwise the mighty Thor ban hammer will come down on you!  My advice is that you PM one of the developers (not one of the testers as apparently they have no power) and give them as much information as you can!

If there is an issue they will sort it for you and if it is just a case of ping, I'm sure they will explain that to you. 

However, it might just be an issue with WOL, as of late it has had major issues with lag and ping!





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its outdated bullet data, its normal thing on WoL on some missions since 3.007 patch, hope next update fixes this, if you join server and see that your gps position is not in sick with you or there is outdated messages in chat expect this type of things to happend, you can stay and play or leve server and come back in 1h and when good number of ground objects is destroyed mission should run ok, thats what i do when i see mission that is to heavy will be next on server.


this is list of problematic missions that i noticed from playing there:


OldtTainStation42ssum ( bad from start, to many damn trains and AI pe2 activating bases )
MalayaZemlya43k ( realy bad from start should be removed from earth and trown in black whole )
Taman43kraut ( realy  bad from start until ships destroyed but no one goes for damn ships from start )
Vitebsk ( has big number of moving tanks and trains its mess first 1h )

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