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Download speed poll

What download speed do you have?  

41 members have voted

  1. 1. What level of download speed do you have?

    • Up to ~20 Mbs
    • Up to ~50 Mbs
    • Up to ~100 Mbs
    • Up to ~150 Mbs
    • Up to ~250 Mbs
    • Over 250 Mbs
    • ISDN/DSL or other non-cable
  2. 2. Do you purchase the services or receive them free?

    • Purchase
    • Free

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Posted (edited)

Please choose the closest level of broadband "advertised" download speed that you receive.  "Advertised" means the download speed for the package level you contract with your ISP for.  For example, my ISP has Mbs levels of 15, 60, 150, 250 and up.  Actual speeds obviously differ.  If you have a free connection, please estimate as best you can if you don't know.  Having to pay for various levels of Internet service, or even at all, may seem odd to people in some locations.  If you connect to the Internet via non-cable ISDN, DSL, etc. please indicate.


Please also indicate whether you purchase the service or receive it free.



EDIT:  Names will not show.


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