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Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

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Wow! Such a nice community; lots of folks helped me out a couple weeks ago & am still just getting into the game. Glad I did -- it's awesome!!!


Was looking at the forum while taking a break from the stove (xmas cooking takes priority over playing my new game, unfortunately!). Just saw this thread and wanted to compliment you on your generosity, busdriver! I want 'em all, but don't (quite) qualify as a charity case.


So I do hope that whoever gets some freebies will also be generous, and spread the BOS! Maybe get a few console kids onto the computer for a flight, if they have young relatives over at the house during the holidays.....?


Anyways, here's a good one; not obscure by any means, but better than Taylor Swift at least :mellow:..…. my favorite driving song, also good for flying & shooting (and New Year's too!)




Hopefully I inserted the link properly.


Cheers & Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!

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