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ATAG Tiger Moth Shoot-Up Video's

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Hey guy's thank's for coming out and sharing one of the great aspects of this flight sim, the community. 🙌


The only thing that was missing was DRock's infectious laugh. You better be there for the next one buddy. :friends:


We had a round robin stile tournament with 1vs1 and a 3way fight for the finale.


It came down to ATAG_Ribbs, Tibsun, and I (ATAG_yotheguy). Tibsun PK'ed ATAG_Ribbs, then I came up and stalled, running into Tibsun causing both of us to crash. :hunter:


So we called it a tie. :drinks:


Was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next one...


Thank's to everyone that came, it was just about as much fun watching the fight's over head as it was flying in them. :fly:


 Also a big thank's to the ATAG sever admin's for all their help setting this up. :drinks:


Go a head and post your video's from the event below.

Here are two so far from 69th_Zeb and Amazing_Mystico.


Zeb -


Amazing_Mystico -



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