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What kind of Sim gamers are we

About Sim game preferences  

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  1. 1. What type of Simulation game you prefer playing

    • Flight Sim
    • Tank Sim
    • Both Flight and Tank Sim

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We have now dev efforts going in two directions. We see that doing a Tank sim creates new constraints in terms of maps, visual effects and objects design due to the very short visual distances and static or slow dynamic motion of objects compared to planes. This may create a schism as the Tank sims may not be  integrated in the flight sim maps, but the flight sim could be added to Tank maps. The problem is that Tank Maps will be smaller (1/16 of the Flight sim Map)  which from a Flight sim perspective I do not find as exciting. It would be worth knowing how stands our community preferences, hence this small poll.

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Voted Flight Sim but am looking forward to banging about in the tanks as well. I don't see a problem with the two sims except, maybe, that they ARE linked together. If Tank Crew had been set up as a completely standalone title then maybe sales would be less, who knows? I don't as I've never played a tank sim before but I'm sure there are dedicated tankers out there who won't give a fig for the aircraft side of Great Battles - until they start getting blitzed by human-flown Il-2s and Hs129s!

So I don't see a schism in terms of gameplay; I shall look forward to flying in the tank maps as much as I do the BoX maps. Think of it as a kind of super QMB mission - but better.


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