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On Sale at GoG.com

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IL-2 1946 is currently (I think all this week) on sale at GoG.com for $1.99 so I bought a copy. Works just fine on Windows 10, and has no DRM as usual for GoG games. It includes all 4 add-on packs.

I downloaded version 4.13.4m but they also have 4.10m as well (since the mod packs seem to want the 4.10m version patched). Seems like a stellar deal for the game and extra content included.


So far, so great although all I have mastered is eating runway dirt. Got off the ground once, it's just as hard as they say! I am just looking about the forums for tips and mods as I get into the game. No questions yet, but I am only starting to try to apply a mod, probably the VP mod pack since we have monthly download caps.


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Well I managed to unpatch the 4.13.4m version to 4.12.2 and then applied the VP mode pack and it's patches, and it all appears to be working. I even bought a Thrustmaster 16000, which just arrived. Now I just need the time to install it and set it the keys. But I am really looking forward to playing again now.


Sadly the GoG sale ended today, it's back up to the normal price of $9.99 but it still seems like a great deal considering all the content it has, and the huge amount of mod content.

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