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Hi all, I used to be really into il2 and then IL2 1946. I spent months designing skins , missions and then supplying a server to run them. As soon as cliffs of Dover came out the complexity of flight was probably the biggest reason my squad broke up and I moved on. Looking at this new tank crew resparked my interest but after so long out and remembering how it took so many upgrades and patches to keep it going I am wondering if its still the case. Or, can i just buy tank crew and jump right in? also if any squads are looking for new players especially for ground players I would be very interested.I use discord rather than teamspeak or virtrillo but will use what everyone else uses.I am a very active player once I get into something.I still have hundreds of maps and camps from !L2 1946 but I guess thats all old stuff now lol or do the maps still work with these new modules like tank crew and flying circus?

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