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Sea Dragons - Mission 9 - Ghosts of the past (action shots)

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Wow.. what a mission..

After a successful high speed bombing run on the convoy at 100m, we escaped only to realise that we had forgotten to take any photos, so just like any self-respecting IL-2 pilot would, we went back.


On our final gun run, the rear gunner (sorry I forgot your name, we've been through so much together) opened up on a Bf.109 on our six and through the windscreen I saw the AAA streaking up towards us and my only thought was 'this was total madness, just for a photo, we'd better survive this one!'.. We made it through but only by the skin of our wings.


Limping back home, some AAA that I hadn't noticed scored a few shots on us and shot the gauges to pieces and popped a hole in the fuel tank.. Climbing to 700m (slowly), we managed to get out over the bay and then back to the relative safety of our home base where we were rewarded with eight confirmed kills. Mission accomplished.











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