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r/BattleOfStalingrad has moved to r/IL2Sturmovik

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Hey guys,

As moderator of /r/BattleofStalingrad, letting all of you who Reddit know we have moved to a subreddit with a more intuitive name, r/IL2Sturmovik. I have noticed that this subreddit's name makes it difficult for people to find a reddit community just for IL2 content, so in an effort to get more people into this sim, I have moved the subreddit to one with a better name. Please support the new subreddit if you're currently a r/BattleOfStalingrad user.

I will try to set up an automod soon that will direct all traffic to the new sub.

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Just now, ShamrockOneFive said:

Thanks for the heads up GridiroN. I've updated my bookmarks accordingly!


No problem buddeh. I have completed the automod so anyone posting in battleofstalingrad will be informed.

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47 minutes ago, Inkoslav said:

Good with the name change, but how come we just not direct all IL-2 content to /r/il2 ?


A couple words on that...


When I originally searched for a r/il2, for some reason it returned me nothing, so I made r/il2sturmovik with plans of making r/il2 simply re-direct to sturmovik. However, when I tried on my desktop later, it appears it was already a subreddit. I contacted the moderator of that sub to ask him if he'd like to merge subreddits, because il2 has a number of subscribers already but it's css stylesheet and theme is obviously non-existent, but the moderator has been MIA for almost a year. It's just a sandbox sub.


I'm currently debating if it's best to just send everyone to r/il2 or keep r/il2sturmovik as it will actually have some leadership/responsibility; not just a sandbox sub and hope everyone moves over when the quality of the sub is clearly better... I'm shutting down r/battleofstalingrad in 2 weeks I think so Ill have that time to think about it, or hope the moderator shows up. 


Another game I play, Mechwarrior: Online had the same problem with having 2 subs for 1 game, and all the mature players moved to the quality sub and all the younger kids/trolls stuck with the sandbox. 


Edit: I just checked the subs out... r/il2 has gone down by 100 subs...r/il2sturmovik has gone up 200+ in one day. So, again, something to think about.

Edited by GridiroN
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12 hours ago, 216th_Lucas_From_Hell said:

I think r/il2sturmovik works well, it's good to have some direction. Thanks for running it, GridiroN!


12 hours ago, Pupo said:

Please keep r/il2sturmovik running GidiroN. The sub is slowly growing and looks great.




Thanks to both of you. 


Just doing my part :salute:


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Just now, JonRedcorn said:

I had thought it was odd I couldn't find an IL2 subreddit.


Yes. The whole ordeal was mismanaged from the beginning. BattleofStalingrad was a bad name for a subreddit, and someone took "il2" I think just in the hopes of being the mod of a subreddit. Someone said if you googled it, BattleofStalingrad was the first result, but I honestly don't think many people google subreddits; they usually use reddit to find subreddits.

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