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German cockpit color coding

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So far as I know, these were the colors the Germans associated with the different engine functions that could be found in any given plane. Is this correct? And, am I missing any?


  • Red: fuel cocks / pumps
  • Green: water coolant
  • Brown: oil
  • Yellow: prop rpm / throttles
  • Blue: cowl flaps / fuel mixture

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2 hours ago, =27=Davesteu said:

It's not consistent.

  • Yellow: fuel system
  • Blue/Blue White: O²


Yeah, that's what I've found. The reason I was wondering all this is because I'm reworking the knobs on my GVL224 throttle unit, and this is my plan at the moment:


Blue: inlet cowl flaps (as seen with the knobs in the Ju 52)

Green: water radiators / outlet cowl flaps (as seen in the He 111; also the color of the water cooler gauge in all German (and Soviet, for that matter) planes)

Brown: oil radiators (as seen in the Bf 109 E-7, He 111, and Ju 87)

Yellow (disc): prop RPM (as seen in the He 111 and Ju 88)

Red: mixture (angled handle, like on the E-7 and F-4 throttle quadrant, which of course in reality was the fuel cock lever).

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Nice historical touch. :happy:

Thought you are asking about the instrument casings.


I'm daydreaming about creating a (Japanese maybe?) throttle quadrant from scratch myself one day, but it's likely just a fantasy really.


Have fun!

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