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Target Marking for Bombers

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Firstly, sorry if this has been suggested or talked about before. I would like to suggest a loadout option availiable for bombers that includes either incederies or target marking flares. This would be really helpful when flying coordinated bomber attacks. The smoke from the current ordnance fades too quickly leaving only difficult to distinguish craters.

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Is that something that was done historically on the Eastern Front, including those load outs?


In Europe targets were marked on the ground by colored (usually red) smoke shells by ground units, not aircraft typically.

The forward controller would be in contact with the Jug flight for instance, describe the target location and then mark with a smoke shell.


This feature will not only be a 'nice to have'  BobP,  but frankly necessary if realistic ground operations are going to be represented.

Eastern Front though...not sure about that.

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I remember clearly having read that for night bombing on the eastern front, the pathfinder squadron sometimes went ahead of big flights and parachuted flares to light up the target.

I can try to find that in my books if you want.

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