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Heads Up: Changes Coming to IL-2 Steam Integration

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Dear Pilots,


June 2018 will be a very busy time for us and for our users. Most importantly, this month will see a big change in one important aspect of our product line – a new SteamAPI integration which allows us to start offering our newer products on Steam and eliminate the need for Steam users to enter a second login every time you play Sturmovik. However, to get the most out of this new integration, existing Steam users and new Steam users will need to “LINK” your Steam account to your IL-2 User Account.


Linking the Two Systems


In the past, the two systems could not talk to each other very much and we had to devise a way for Steam users and Website users to both use our system. We managed to do that and this worked fine until Valve changed the rules which prevented us from listing our newer products on Steam. This forced us to do a new closer integration and we had to fit it into our already tight schedule. This has taken a large effort internally, but we are finally ready to begin this conversion. This will happen with our next update which is 3.004 and is scheduled for the middle of June 2018.  


For those of you who like to play through Steam you will be happy about this change, but please understand that to be able to also purchase products on our site and fly using your unique IL-2 User Account nickname you will need to perform the linkage which is a one-time event. Once they are linked they are linked forever. Currently ALL Steam customers have separate Steam and IL-2 User accounts, but new Steam users will not automatically have an IL-2 User Account and must create one to link them. We will be providing this linking option to ALL Existing and ALL NEW Steam Sturmovik users. We will be providing a guide soon so you can understand the process before you embark on it. The process is short, but it involves a few steps and there are different paths you can follow.


Benefits and Limitations


This new integration allows our database to recognize your Steam account as an IL-2 user and negate the need for a separate login when you want to play which is what we require currently. During the linkage process and afterwards our system only sees a numeric code and we DO NOT see any critical Steam account data. This linkage process cannot be abused and your Steam account info is safe. If you choose to not link your accounts you will be assigned a generic computer-generated name. For those that don’t care about their name in the game or making purchases from our webstore you can ignore linking the accounts, but if you do want to have your current handle in the game and not have a generic name you’ll need to link them. There is a no way around this limitation. 


If you are an existing Steam user and have already purchased content from our website you will not be able to use that content with your Steam version unless you link the accounts. Again, it's a one time thing and takes just a few seconds.


If you are a new Steam user and wish to purchase content on our website you will need to link the accounts before you will be able to use that content with your IL-2 Steam install. 


Our Recommendation


If you are a serious fan of Sturmovik and you relish all of our discounts and promos that we run on our website, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do the linkage. Steam limits how many specials we can run per year and we tend to run many more specials than Steam allows on our website. To be able to buy content on our website and use it with your Steam install then you’ll need to do the linkage.


Steam also takes a huge percentage from our profits which affects our development plans. We have always encouraged you make your purchases on our website to assist us in having the capital we need to expand development and build more content. However, we understand the popularity of Steam and we therefore support the system, but there may be times where certain content is exclusive to our website and to purchase and use it, you will need to have a linked account.


Selling flight-sim products is a tough business and we must be smart in how we sell our products. Steam is but one piece to a larger puzzle.


Get Ready


Please see the chart below and identify which scenario best suits you as a player and customer so you can be ready and know what to expect when the next update comes.  






The IL-2 Sturmovik Team




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