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Questions about advanced config

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Just started PWCG again (after 20 Escort Mission generated in a row in the stock fighter career.) because of the great customization Options.

I have some questions:

1. What I liked anyway in the 1C-campaign were the 6-8 bomber Formation (dependend on the performance) together with 4 fighter escort.

What Setting do I have to use to generate a Mission like that?

Do I see on the Mission Generation Process what flight (and how many A/C) I have to escort? Maybe you could include that into the Mission briefing.

2. What I don't understand exactly is the Option Max/Min enemy / friendly flights / aircraft in Mission.

I seem to encountered more than the Maximum aircraft in a Mission, for example 2 seperate flights with 4 AC although I had a number of Maximum of 6.

Also if I have an escort Mission I always have a Minimum of 2 flights.

Or is the max/min AC number in regard to the aircraft in a generated flight?

Or is this Option sometimes not functional, because there are not enough A/C available for example, or more flights are needed?

Does this Option override Air-density in the Basic Settings (because I think I can't generate a high density Mission with max number of  1 flight and 1 A/C) or vice versa?

3. Does the Option "use random moving ground Units" override the density Option in ground Units.

4. Where did the Option go "Chance of flight being targeted" in the last versions? Is it now always set to 100?

5. How can I generate more ground attack Missions for a fighter. This is the second role, and maybe I can set a percentage somewhere?

    Are there also moving Targets like moving Transport collums in a ground attack Mission?


Some observations:

Air start works very good btw, I always had contact (german fighter campaign Stalingrad map)  often just seconds after I start the Mission - well done ;-)

There seems to be a better setting of turbulence in your campaign than in 1C carreer, perhaps you can list the turbulence in the Mission briefing?


Thanks for your great work, Patrick



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There is max AC in a flight and max AC in a mission.  max AC for any flight is the maximum number of aircraft that PWCG will put into a flight of that type.  So if you set max AC for bombing missions to be 8 you will get formations of up to 8 bombers.


Max AC in a mission is how many planes can spawn before PWCG stops more flights from spawning.  There may be 60 planes in a mission, but if max AC is set to 20 then PWCG will not allow more spawns after the 20th plane spawns. This is more fuzzy: if there are 19 planes spawned and thena flight of 8 bombers spawns you will get 27 planes and not 20.  However, spawning of other flights is disabled after that,

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Thanks for your answer.

Does spawning restart again during a let's say longer patrol Mission after the first spawned AC disappeared (for example being shot down or flew out of distance) and I go to my next waypoint on the patrol again?

And could you please take a look at the other questions, if you have time?


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