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La-5FN 4k template

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The first release of my 4k La-5FN template is now available at the Zargos Skin Factory.


The template includes
- New 4 the structural elements (panel lines and rivets)
- New 4k shadows
- Partially modified aircraft parts
- The original 2k weathering enlarged to 4k format
- A a single camo pattern (AMT7/11/12)
The pack also features the normal map (La5Fn_B.dds)


Updated download link



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I've started my first historic skin : a plane from the 790th IAP




And I also plan to make this one, although it is already an official skin (but in 2k) :




A great deal of work to come ...

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34 minutes ago, MrFies said:

new download link ? old isnt working anymore 😭


Do you mean the DL link to my template ?

Well my site is not completely restored.

If you need my template just send me a MP, I'll forward you a link.


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