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Hangars with high durability can be destroyed with guns

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Description: It is possible to destroy hangars with durability 25000 and 50000 using cannons alone

Reproduction steps:

  1. Load attached mission in single player
  2. You should spawn in an Bf109 F4 in the air, with infinite ammo
  3. Fire on hangars using cannons
  4. You should be able to destroy them without needing to reload the cannons



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Confirmed. A day ago i tried to attack similar targets with MG/20mm cannons  with HS-129. It is still possible to destroy the target.

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5 hours ago, LLv34_Temuri said:

Was this fixed in 3.003?

Seems like no :(


Please devs, currently it makes no sense that you can destroy a static static hangar with 20 mm cannon, but not with 37 mm cannon. It's clearly a bug.

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Still not fixed in 3.005b!


It's still possible to destroy a hangar with durability value of 25000 with 20 mm cannon, but NOT with 30 mm or 37 mm cannon.

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I think this thread deserves a response from the Devˋs.

Please evaluate the damage model for buildings and ”dumb” objects such as static tanks etc... I rather have fewer objects and functions in the sim that makes sense than lots of stuff that works questionable..


A couple of observations:

1.Static tanks are more vulnurable to HE shots than AP shots. (for a given durability value)

That makes no sense at all??


2.Building damage threshold has been dramatically changed (with same durability values). Near hits with 250/500 kg bombs do not destroy buildings now.

(After latest 3 patches or so.)


3. Buildings can now appear or get animated from operational to destroyed but still be only damaged in the logs and do not change to destroyed. Bombing a destroyed building further will change it to destroyed and kill message will appear. (Also since the latest patches)


This below  end result would be ideal and I believe you devs are devoted to realism!


An IL2 can destroy a standard german pzIII tank (static tank) with 37mm AP shots. (one or a few).

-The same tank should also be destructible with 23mm AP but with few or several to many shots.

-The same tank should be indestructible from fine calibre fire (mg).

-The same tank would also be destroyed by a direct hit from a 100kg bomb or above sizes.

-A 50Kg bomb would probably cause major damage if hit directly and fuse on contact (since static tanks cant be damaged only live or dead it can be overseen).

- Rockets, same there... they appear to do no damage to objects if durability is set too high.

Setting the durability to the point where they do break things leads to a value that will have the object get destroyed by mg fire.


Regarding the cannons Same would go for the Stuka, The Hs129 and the Bf110G antitank weapons for the Axis side.


Many missionbuilders use the static tanks in their scenarios.

Also, the rendering distance for static tanks are for some reason extremely short, is there a particular reason for this?


In general the damage modelling of objects would need to go through a review imo.

Maybe each object could have a section with ticbox where it could be selected what weapon from damage would be accepted and with what ammount or rate?

My idea exemplified below:


A small wooden house:


MG : 5.0

Cannons HE : 2.0

Cannons AP : 4.0

Bomb : 1.0

Rocket : 1.0

Splash damage durability : 2500


And a medium Hangar:


MG : 20.0

Cannons HE : 5.0

Cannons AP 17.0

Bomb : 1.0

Rocket : 2.5

Splash damage durability : 10000


And finally a tank:


MG : no

Cannons HE : 10.0

Cannons AP : 2.0

Bomb : 1.5

Rocket : 1.0

Splash damage durability : 20000


For the most parts, the beginners of the IL2 series will have challenge in hitting the targets.

But when you spend so much time to practice and start to hit targets with direct hits, you should be awarded, not punished.




Edited by SvAF/F16_Petter
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The number of responses Temuri has made to this, and consequently ignored, is frankly depressing.


Just give us another 109 model and we'll shut up. 😒

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I've had to switch to 500kg bombs just to cause damage to buildings and even then i've got to drop it down the flippin chimney! (i'm thinking of painting my bombs like santa)

We've got this lovely U2VS which can now mount rockets, it's really fun, until you try and kill something with it even dugouts and small sheds appear to be captain scarlet. May as well fill the rear seat with rocks, at least i'd smash a few windows...

I'm not great in a fighter, mediocre is something I aspire too, in a bomber though? that's my thing, right now we've had several updates to the damage model for planes and some balance work, we could really do with this for buildings and static objects.

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