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Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

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3 minutes ago, Han said:
Hello everybody,

After releasing 3.001 update and going wild with the celebration - having 5 work days in a week instead of 7 ;) - we continue the further development.

Thankfully, 3.001 release went ok and didn't require any urgent critical hotfixes, which is strange for such fundamental changes, to be honest. Anyway, at this moment we already have around 40 changes and enhancements we plan to release in the next 3-4 weeks. Graphics, Career, AI, multiplayer and some other stuff will be addressed.



Full news - here is a full text and visual materials

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Great news and great update on the development process. Also I love to read about a patch coming in the next 3-4 weeks. And from the PO-2 pics I take it that we will have the night witches in BoX in not so far away future somewhen this year?

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Wuut 2 Spitfires for the price of 1? :o:

That's good news!

A couple of new issues might need to get fixed but yes nothing critical that was a pretty amazing release.

You guys work as hard as soviet coal miners it seems. Most impressive!

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This is seriously cool stuff! Sooner than I expected as well! =D


One thing that would really get me excited though, would be some "insider" news on a certain Russian/American transport plane... *winkwinknudgenudge* ;)


That Tiger tank though... holy moly that thing looks amazing! <3 :biggrin:

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  • Lovely PO 2, thanks for the update. I really do not agree there is no urgent fixes. Many cannot use the game and have problems getting in to servers. I hope that is coming in the first patch. But good job, personally I can live with the bugs I found
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Thank you once again, dear developer team!


Not only for this unexpected DD, but also for being generous and giving us both eliptical and clipped wing configurations for the Mk. IXe.


Can't wait to get my hands on this beauty!

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Thanks for the news! WW1 pilot looks badass, Tiger is beautiful (I hope Panther soon follow) and Bobp planes are shaping well!


I hope for some performance tweaking in the update....

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It seems that the ball rolls again. This is great. Wonderful news to see all projects move forward.

I’m a bit concerned about no news about the career problem of not saving in stats server and not been able to move forward. Please, we need some news on this matter urgently. How can I start a new career if I know that it will encounter this bug sooner or later? Please, tell us if you have found a solution.

thanks in advance

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Excellent work as always. Nice pilot figures and Bodenplatte 3D models. And that little biplane is a very nice addition.

I hope that will we get some bombs for that one, so we can harass the Axis airbases ;)

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Hmm...shouldn't the G-14 have large wheel fairings? I'm reasonably sure the large tail unit it has was introduced before them.


1 minute ago, KG_S_MrFies said:

please   Bf 109  G14 ASM Engine  (:


Not without a redesign of the forward fuselage, the larger SC required the engine cowling to be modified into the late war version as seen on the G-10 and K-4.

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1 hour ago, FFS_Cybermat47 said:

That Luftstreitskrafte pilot looks like he means business :biggrin:

You. Stole Made. My post. Word. For. Word. Before I made it.

High five :salute:!

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I think it's awesome you guys are making a Po-2 - planes like that add a lot of immersion.  


The planeset of BoBp is awesome too but I'm really hoping that you'll keep it up with all the single player attention and feature improvement.  To me, 3.001 is by far and away the best update yet.  A whole letter grade improvement in enjoyability and it's because of not only the career but all the visual improvements and tweaks throughout.    


Great work!



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