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Beketovka Buildings?

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I tried some google searches, looked through my Luftwaffe recon photos, looked through my Stalingrad maps... but I am still uncertain what these buildings represent in the south of Beketovka (grid 1225/6). 


Thanks for any help. I'm sure some Russian bro will know :)


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The notorious POW camp #108 :



"In the first three months after their capture, the prisoner death rate at the specially organized Camp #108 outside Stalingrad's working settlement at Beketovka was extremely high, with around 27,000 POWs having reportedly died on the way to the camp or shortly after arriving. About 35,100 others underwent treatment at hospitals set up at the camp; another 28,100 were sent to hospitals at other locations. Only about 20,000 of the prisoners were deemed capable of labor, and were sent to do construction work. Following the terrible spike in mortality in the first three months, mortality rates for the troops captured at Stalingrad stabilized, and between July 1943 and January 1949, a total of 1,777 prisoners perished. With the exception of those troops and officers convicted of war crimes, the last POWs from the Battle of Stalingrad were released to Germany in 1949."

(Source: https://sputniknews.com/military/201711191059238666-stalingrad-75th-anniversary-analysis/ )



By the way, colours of game textures are similar to the image of the area nowadays.







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Well I'm working within the time-frame of mid-oct and I'm not sure when this POW camp would have started.


Either way, I think I am actually settling on the targets being a troop concentration/build up there. The two references I can find about Stuka attacks in that area deal with vehicles and trucks destroyed. 

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