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StG 1/2 at Karpowka-West...still a mystery to me

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I'm revisiting my notes about Stuka operations during the BoS. The focus of this thread should be the relocation and operating out of Karpowka-West. Listed below is what the IL-2 Career description says about Karpowka vs. what ww2.dk says. (personally I use https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe-Units.html because it's easier on my eyes. It has the same information as ww2.dk. I reference ww2.dk because that's what everyone here always uses)


In regards to Karpowka-West:


II./StG 1 = IL-2 says "mid-September" yet ww2.dk says "10.42 - 11.42"

I./StG 2 = IL-2 says "mid-September" yet ww2.dk says "11.42 - 12.42"

II./StG 2  =IL-2 says "October 13th" yet ww2.dk says  "11.42 - 23.11.42"


Note StG 2 Stab is listed as "13.10.42 - 23.11.42" on ww2.dk


I was hoping to make some missions set during mid-oct from Karpowka-West. Flying from Obliwskaya is just too far for most people to enjoy. 


Thanks for any insight or further conflicting information :salute:



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Volume 1 of Dive-Bomber and Ground Attack Units of the Luftwaffe has this to say:

  •  II./StG 1: "August: supported the advance on Stalingrad, operating from Gorlovka, Lakedemonovka, Tatsinskaya, and Oblivskaya (there 31 August) until September, then moved forward to Karpovka-West...moved back to Oblivskaya and Morozovskaya [sometime between 19 November and 23 November]."
  • I./StG 2: Says they arrived at Karpovka-West "on or about 13 October."
  • II./StG 2: same as I./StG 2

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