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[WIP][MOD] The Pacific mod

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First version is more or less ready. 

This mod is designed specifically to be used with the IL2 Australia Pacific Dynamic Campaign (modified Coconut campaign) MODS ON server.

What does it do

- Default Japan Skins for the MC202, (KI61 tony), LA5S8 (A6M zero), PE2s87 and Ju88 (Betty and Nell)

- Default RAAF Skins on the P40 and Spitvb

- Japanese  Sun Headband on the GE Pilot 

- Australian Radio voice chatter. 


To be completed in following versions

- Japanese Radio voice chatter

- Default RAAF skins for a20

- Differentiated skins for the shipping, Allied and JPN


(hopefully) On availability of 3ds max plugin

- IJN ships, BB, CA, CV, DD









New versions will be uploaded periodically and i will announce them here. 


Why did i include default skins?

Main reason is it affects the AI, but also it means if other people join server without mod(which they can) the players with mod will see the pacific themed skins still. 

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Marvellous work Chappy - delighted to see that the spirit of The Pacific Theatre is being kept alive :biggrin:.


Are there any instructions for using these mods as single player?


Also, just a thought about creating additional ships for the game - I notice there is a very active modding community over at DCS World. These guys have produced  a large number of WW2 ships that can be used in DCS gameplay - including; US carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers - IJN carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers etc, plus a range of German and English ships - Many famous names like KMS Bismarck, USS Enterprise, IJN Zuikaku.

These are offered absolutely free from the modding teams on the forum - They are a friendly bunch of guys and very willing to help anyone who has problems.


I was wondering how hard, or easy it would be to port these ships into BoX. Not being a modder, apart from mapmaking in IL2 1946, I have no idea if the challenge would be insurmountable, but maybe it would be worth asking them if they would allow their models to be used. It would be a fantastic step toward a fully fledged BoX Pacific Theatre.







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Too much to get into here, partially because I don't have time to rehash right now what's already been discussed many times, partially because I'd be speaking out of turn for some of it.

Its enough for you to know that the devs have their own standards for models and keep things close to the vest.

The one third party team they're working with is nearby in Moscow.



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Thanks Gambit, I understand - Any third party 3d mods need a Plugin facility from developers, and their approval of course.

Maybe sometime in the future?

I am, however, really impressed with the quality of some of the DCS third party ships - and it's such an extraordinary experience to land and take off from the CV5 Yorktown, for example.

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You'd be hard pressed to find someone more enthused about the PTO than me.

We'll just have to wait a bit longer and see how it shakes out.


The Zeke is my favorite aircraft of the entire war, and Zeke vs Wildcat my favorite matchup.

When we get the Zeke, prior to any map releases, if there's time, I'll do a short Darwin campaign using the Kuban map.

P-40 vs Zeke. Again time permitting, as I'll be doing a proper scripted campaign and when I get the map in my hands I'll have to get cranking on that project.

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Have to agree - Zeke v Wildcat - there's something about those early war radial designs that touches a nerve. P36 comes a close second to the F4F for me.

I fear we are looking ahead close to a couple of years before the Pacific Theatre is revisited - but well worth the wait.


Look forward to your campaigns.

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