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Afrika Korps uniform

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Hello there, :)


I want to collect uniform of Afrika Korps soldier but the part with markings on uniform is a little tricky so i would like to ask for help.

I want it to be Gefreiter rank.




So starting with hat:


Tropenmütze M40


So first question, did regular Gefreiter had any marks on hat? For example http://www.nestof.pl/img/erel_of_dak3a.jpg officer hat got white stripe and that little color insignia. From photos of soldiers of AK  i can see that they had color insignia and german eagle.




So for Gefreiter all i need is empty hat and this marking? http://www.nestof.pl/img/obszycie_dak_tobr1a.jpg




Next shirt.


Here I am a bit confused,


-What should i get on the collar?

-http://nestof.pl/data/files/camo_whss_10obtl350.jpg Did Gefreiter had any of these green camo markings? Or it was just for higher ranks.

-http://nestof.pl/data/files/adler_trop350.jpg Which one?  Red or Yellow? Was it cosmetic or color means something?

-http://nestof.pl/data/files/dak_cuff350.jpg This one just goes on arm?

-http://nestof.pl/data/files/v1_khakitropen350.jpg Gefreiter mark on arm?

-What goes as armlet?


I think that's all, if i skipped something please correct me :)


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