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Rewards for Bodenplatte Career

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Just figured I'd post some awards that could be interesting to see in the upcoming bodenplatte career. The Award criteria may not be accurate, I just listed some reasons that it could be awarded in-game.


MoH, DsC, SS, and BS should be rather difficult to earn so I'm just gonna list some random criteria that gets higher.



-Medal of Honor: Awarded for "gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty" (100 or more successful sorties or 100 or more aircraft shot down)


-Distinguished Service Cross: Awarded for "extraordinary heroism" (75 successful sorties or 70-80 aircraft shot down)


-Silver Star: Awarded for "gallantry in action" (50 successful sorties or 40-50 aircraft shot down)


-Bronze Star: Awarded for heroism in combat zone or meritorious service in a war zone. (30 successful sorties flown or 10-20 aircraft shot down.)


-Purple Heart: Awarded for being wounded in combat


-Distinguished Flying Cross: Award Criteria around 2-5x that of the Air Medal. (ex. Bomber Pilots per 25 sorties, fighter pilots per 50 sorties, both per 5 aircraft shot down.)


-Air Medal:  Bomber pilots awarded for every 5 sorties flown. Fighter Pilots for every 10 sorties flown. Both received it per 1 aircraft shot down.


-European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal: Awarded for completing a career in europe


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I submitted the awards list for Bodenplatte a few weeks ago, so it should be good to go. :)

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