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Alotef's screenshot hut!

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Hey all!
Thought I might set up shot to show you some screens from BOS. It is very pretty :D
My computer isn't very powerful but even so you can see how pretty the game looks!
Turned my BF 109 into a Stuka :(
Let's try that again! Check out how pretty these exhaust effects are;
The Messerschmitt Bf-109 F4x convertible variant, produced without canopy hood  ;D (Forgot to close the cockpit on takeoff lol)
Dogfighting a LaGG;
Now for some G Attack; Tanks spotted!

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(It won't let me add any more IMGs to the thread so you'll need to click the links below to see the images)

Bomben los!

Perfect accuracy  ;D


Now strafing some softer target with those big MG 151 gunpods;

Job well done!


If there's anything in particular you'd like me to get a shot of let me know and I'll do it.  ;D


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