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CH Pro Throttle repair

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not really a question, but more of a tip which may be useful.


I bought a CH fighterstick/Pro Throttle 3-4 years ago, originally as a backup to my Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS, but it quickly became my primary HOTAS for WW1/2 flight sims. I love the quality, feel and precision of CH gear.


A few months ago, I started getting some issues with the Throttle. It worked fine from 0-60%, but would lag when I moved it in the 60-100% range. This made controlling ACs like the 109/190 more of a hassle.


I could not figure out if it was a calibration issue, game issue, hardware issue (i.e. bad potentiometer). After some research on CH Hangar (great resource site btw), it turned out the issue was a loose connection between the wires and the potentiometer. It turned out to be a simple 10 minute fix: open up the throttle, crimp the wire connections with the potentiometer with a pair of needle nose pliers, move some wires out of the way which were interfering with the throttle, close it up and voila! good as new and as precise as ever.


I also took the time to read the CH manager guide for dummies which shows the proper way to calibrate the stick.

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