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Known Launcher Crash or Failure to Launch causes... and Solutions


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Known Crash or failure to launch causes:



- Anti-Virus deleting parts of the install... disable or turn off completely AV prior to install.  Install game as Admin.


-  Anti-Virus blocking launcher64.exe... put exceptions for launcher into Windows Defender and/or any other AV program you are running.


-  Latest version of Microsoft Net Framework not installed... Install.


-  If you are running a super wide screen monitor, maximum refresh rate should be 60 hz.


-  Win10 Controlled Folder Access is turned on.  It blocks Launcher.  Turn it off or add exception for CoD BLITZ.

- Steering Wheels:  Logitech G27 MoMo, etc.  Unplug the wheel, or unplug, then start the game, plug in the wheel immediately after game launch.

- Steam Overlay running:  Turn it off.

- MSI Afterburner if running prior to game launch will sometimes cause crashes... can be started after launch.


-  Check to see what 3rd party programs you are running.... turn them off... game has issues with 3rd Party, especially 32 bit programs.

- Multi Screen management programs.  Any program which manages multiple screens can cause a crash... turn off.


- MS Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable not installed on laptop... install.

- Gaijin.net from War Thunder.  If installed, causes crashes.  If you got War Thunder outside of Steam this is installed.  If you installed WT through Steam, it is not.


- Windows kb4054518 update not installed.  Negative, this will change the colour scheme of game... but usually will reset back to normal after exiting the game.


-  Don't forget to update Windows!




Feel free to post additional causes and any solutions found.

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On 2/7/2020 at 7:36 AM, gaga54jacdal said:



How should the name be for an exception ?


Many thanks


Your question is unclear.


Please start a new thread in Technical section with more detailed explanation of your problem.


Include your system specs and a log file.

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