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4th Air Army Kuban April-Sept 1943

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I have been working on an Order of battle for the Soviet 4th Air Army in the Kuban area during the period of April to September 1943 and have come up with the results as below. Some may not be accurate as some sources I used disagreed with others, particularly with respect to the complement of 218 and 219 Bomber Aviation Divisions. I have also not used any of the honorific titles of the units (Red Banner, etc) in order to keep the list a little cleaner. I apologise to anyone that feels that omitting those battle honours is in any way disrespectful, it is certainly not meant that way.


Lastly, as I have already said this may not be totally accurate and I welcome any corrections.



USSR - 4th Air Army 
216 IAD / SAD (Later 9 GIAD) 
16 GIAP – P-39 (Pokryshkin) @ Popovicheskaya airfield
45 IAP – P-39 
42 IAP – Yak 7b 
57 GIAP – Spitfire Mk Vb @ Popovicheskaya and Slavyanskaya until July 43 
84 IAP / 101 GIAP – P-39 
104 GIAP – P39 from August 43 
821 IAP – Spitfire MK Vb from July 43 @ Tikhoretskaya airfield
217 IAD 
41 GIAP 
40 GIAP – La-5 
88 GIAP – La-5 
218 Night Bomber Div (NBAD) 
48 BAP – A20 
452 BAP – A20 
453 BAP - A20 
588 Light Night Bomber Div (Night Witches) - Po-2 
219 BAD
38 BAP – Pe-2 
244 Allenstein BAP – A-20 
298 iAP / 104 GIAP – P39 
366 ORAP – Pe-2 (recconnaisance) 
229 IAD 
88 IAP – LaGG-3 
249 IAP – LaGG3 / La-5 
790 IAP – LaGG-3 
805 IAP – LaGG-3 
926 IAP – LaGG-3 
230 SHAD 
7 GShAP – IL-2 
43 GShAP – IL-2 
103 ShAP - IL-2 @ Mozdok and Tikhoretskaya airfields
210 ShAP – IL-2 
805 ShAP – SB?
BlackSix has just been good enough to link the following website that I will need to use to cross-refer my results. I will be trying to amend any errors https://pamyat-narod...date=01.12.1943
Big, big thanks for that
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LaGG-3 s66 is very close to Yak-7B s36 in terms of performance, plus same high gargrot and very similar armament

meanwhile, we still don't have La-5 type 37 s9+...


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