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SEOW Gothic Line Dynamic Campaign

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Salut Pilots,


I have been wondering if you guys are interested in a large scale dynamic PvP campaign with a campaign simulator you have never seen before. This is as closest as you can get to real combat experience in Il2. Check out my post I made in an IL2 facebook group:



Hello 1946 Community,


check out the link below for the ultimate IL2 SEOW experience. Allied side needs urgent assistance.




For those of you who are not familiar with the SEOW Dynamic Campaign system, let me share a few words with you:


SEOW is probably THE most sophisticated dynamic campaign system the IL2 world has got to offer. You will fly competitive missions against other players - and every action of yours counts as it will influence the outcome of the campaign. It is purely mission based gameplay on COOP basis which means that you will have only one life per mission. Use it well! SEOW offers a whole new level of strategic gameplay to the pure flight simulation IL2 1946. What does that mean?

In order to keep your team fighting SEOW commanders will have to give much attention to supply and logistics as every airbase and every unit on the ground need fuel and ammo to stay active. This is all simulated in the SEOW system. Industrial Production is the backbone of every military in war as it provides new material for the front line. This is simulated in the SEOW system and thus level bombing gets a whole new level of importance. Units fight fierce if morale is high. Desperate units are most likely to simply abandon their positions and run away. This is simulated in the SEOW system.

Shot down pilots might land inside enemy territory and might get captured. Interrogation is a logical consequence and who knows whether this pilot will reveal some information about his troops. This is simulated in the SEOW system.

No assault can work without proper intelligence and air reconnaissance revealing enemy positions and supply lines. Without such information, commanders cannot figure out the enemy's weak spots. This is simulated in the SEOW system.

Propaganda can be very powerful. Dropping leaflets on top of the enemy's heads might scare the heck out of them. This is simulated in SEOW.


This is just scratching the surface, as the SEOW system has got some unprecedented depth to it.


Now, what is the GOTHIC LINE SEOW all about?


August, 1944: Allied forces are pushing into northern Italy whilst Axis forces are desperate to defend their lines against such overwhelming force. Massive air raids against Axis industrial production and fuel storages shall finally break the Wehrmacht's desperately needed supply. Meanwhile, squadrons of Lightnings and Thunderbolds, Mitchels and Bostons are strafing Axis units on the ground in order to punch a gap through Axis defenses. US and British fighters sweep the front line in order to keep the few Luftwaffe units busy and away from the strikers.


In 18 missions, simulating 3 entire days of combat, allies are tasked to punch through the German defenses and capture Bologna and Milano in order to achieve the final victory in Italy. Obviously, Axis units try to prevent that by slowing the allied advance and protecting their own industrial production to keep the front line supplied. For them it is clear: Bologna and Milano must not fall into allied hands.


This sounds just too great to be missed? Then sign up under the link above for allied side. Blue side has reached its pilot limitations but the allies have plenty lots of slots to be taken over. All you need is the following:


TS: --> SEOW Campaign TS: VARP TS (IP and password will be obtained on registration)


An IL2 1946 4.12.2m HSFX 7.03 installation with the following mods enabled via JSGME:


HSFX History Mod

Expert Mode

GothicLine Mod v1.1

(D/L Link:

https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...DQ?usp=sharing ) --> might not work. Check the VARP forums.


Flight Times:


Every Sunday, Mission start at 2115

Meeting in TS: 2030-2045


For more information check out these threads in particular:






Any questions? Message me in facebook or simply reply to this thread.


We are all looking forward to seeing you joining this epic event."


We desperately need allied pilots. So if you guys are interested in flying high level bomber escort in Mustangs or Spitfires or even want to pound some German tanks to help the allied advance, feel free to register in VARP forum and apply for red side.


Let me talk about some numbers:


Allies are advancing in Italy with great force against a weakened German Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht. Only 24 German planes will be up against 36 (currently) - 80 (will be increased to) allied planes.


For these slots, allies need pilots.


I know, it is full real settings but this time we have got radar so you won't be completely lost and moreover the enemy will be visible to you. I am blue commander so I will be flying against you, if you choose to join but that shouldn't be an issue. This is your opportunity to relive real allied missions very close to reality as it was. You don't want to miss that.


Some footage:








Here are is an overview:




If you are interested, sign up as a group for Red side. They are in desperate need for pilots.

Unfortunately, this campaign does not run on IES but the HSFX 7.03 install for IL2 1946 is just fine. It's stable, looks nice and features a lot of equipment. Here is a guide to set up a proper IL2 4.12.2m HSFX 7.03 installation:


1. Set up a CLEAN (Stock) Install of IL2 1946 v. 4.12.2m

- Install your IL2 game from your IL2 1946 Disk --> v.4.07

- Download the All-to-4.12.2m-Megapatch: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&…

- Install the IL2 4.12.2m Megapatch following the instructions


2. Update your 4.12.2m game install to HSFX 7.03:

- Download the HSFX 7.0 Install package: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&amp…

- Follow the instructions and install this package

- Download the HSFX 7.03 patch: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&amp…

- Install the patch following the instructions.


We are looking forward to your participation.

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i´m interested but I only have the GOG version (there are both 4.13.4 and 4.10m avaiable). Does that suffice? 

Also, is how complicated is it to install the mods, are there instructions just in case?

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Hello Leon,


you definitely need a clean 4.12.2m installation of IL2. You may be able to update this GOG 4.10m version to 4.12.2m if it is a stock installation.


All the instructions you need to set up a proper IL2 1946 HSFX 7.03 installation are given in the according links to the mods. Each link directs you to the forum posts explaining in detail how the installation is done properly.


So, I would really advise you to register to the VARP forums http://2ndvarp.net/f...othic-Line-SEOW

and to leave a little post in the "How to apply for one side" thread that you want to participate. I am sure that people will get you combat ready in case you should face troubles with the installation.

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0. GET YOUR 1946 4.12.2m HSFX 7.03 INSTALL READY

1. JOIN TS at 1930 CET (1830 UTC):
gec.servebeer:7777 pw: pass





- real missions with intel planned with a separate tool. (You never know where the enemy is and where he will come from)



- real strategy and tactics


- real commanders



- organised units



- progressive campaign!


Check out the pictures and links (opening post) above . This is not just a randomly generated campaign with random missions! This is a really simulated war/battle!

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On ‎15‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 6:26 PM, I/JG7_Killerfliege said:


Salut Pilots,


I have been wondering if you guys are interested in a large scale dynamic PvP campaign with a campaign simulator you have never seen before.


Never seen before? I rather think that loads of the guys here flew SEOW back in the day. Personally, I loved it, and as part of 242Sqn made sure that all of the mod maps for inclusion into HSFX were up to SEOW standard. Spent several years of my spare time on that!


Anyway, enough of that, but it was good to be reminded of it. I can't go back to Il-2 46 now, it looks so dated compared to BoX.

Wishing you all the best with your campaign; hope that your planners are up to the task - that interface was fiddly!

Cheers. (ex 242Sqn_Cat)

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