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Event on He-111 | 12 oktober | 20-45 MSK time begin

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Hallo pilot's! 

Russian-speak comunity gather event - combat mission "Kampfgeshwader 53 over Moscow". 


Event will begin 12 oktober 20-45 at Moscow time. 

Team Speak DED server - - ТS DED

Room in TS: SG2 with password 1985


We need He-111 pilot's who want fly in big formation :) . Now we geather 10-12 He-111 but I want create formation with 18 He-111 - it's will be wery interesting. Server present from DED-Random administrator's.

Task for He-111 pilot's fly in formation, drop bomb after leader command - it's easy for you. 

For register - google table go to link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LaWL4Bw1ps5Xw4r--M3rCa73UdWo_JO9eySv3Yv9nh4/edit#gid=0


Server will with password, password tell leader in TS before event begin.

Spetial for english speaking pilot's i create in google table 8 slot's. Wait you, join to our event. Sorry for my english :)


Also you can look stream from our late event(05/10), Ju-52 transport mission. 

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