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Decouple initial and maximum number of planes at fakefields

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In multiplayer, mission designers get to choose how many planes of each model are available at an airfield.

A little known feature is that it's possible to transfer planes from one airfield to another one. This is possible when a slot with the matching plane model exists in the destination airfield, if the number of planes of that model at the destination airfield hasn't reached its max number.


Currently the max number of planes is also the initial number of planes. I would suggest to decouple these two things by adding a field in a plane slot for the max number. Alternatively, just remove the plane limit.


Implementing this suggestion would make it possible to implement transfer flights:

Assume a rear base with have a large number of planes of a type, and a newly conquered bases with a slot for the same type, but with zero planes.

Then planes flown from the rear base could be added to the new base.


The benefit for fixed missions is small but exists nevertheless: some players who are not good at fighting might still enjoy helping their team by making planes available to the aces at strategic locations close to objectives.


For missions that are part of a persistent dynamic campaign, transferring planes is vital for a long-term victory. The suggestion would allow to see the effects of transferring planes immediately, as opposed to delaying it until the new mission is built.

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