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Incomplete list of servers in multiplayer

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See the screenshot below. This is new, I wasn't having this problem 2 days ago. I noticed the list was becoming shorter yesterday evening (Sunday 2nd of July, 2200 GMT+2)



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Yep same here on the East Coast of Australia. Very few servers listed and the ones that were where fluctuating.... Played on Random Expert for a few hours quit out to see what others were up.... There were none, not even Random Expert.


 Hopefully they sort it quickly. 

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It seems that the master server responds normally when I put up an server (no errors and in my end the server seems to be up and running without an issue)... So I would assume that there is an issue with the fetching and showing of active servers in the multiplayer list.


I sent a ticket to support. Hopefully somebody there actually is doing their jobs and reacts... (I'm appalled that no official response to this issue has been given so far what so ever - very very very low quality service.. .specially with something like this that practically makes the game unplayable). 


- Finwolf -

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