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And I'm on the way to Germany right now. Just business trip,don't worry ;)

Greetings to our Russian virpilots and also to others from former USSR republics.

C днем победы !

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In Norway we have Liberation day, and funny enough it is 8th of May , witch was the last day we in fact where still under occupation. I do not want to minimise the effort of the few soldiers and pilots actually fighting on Allied side, but I suspect that number is equal to Waffen SS volunteers fighting in Eastern front. So historically well , we call it liberation day.

But what we had was a civilian merchant fleet , one of the biggest in the world, if not the biggest. And Churtchill himself showed great appreciation for the Notraship effort. 

We lost many thousand sailors and those who survived , many of them had been torpedoed several times, they suffered from post traumatic stress all of them, and was never acknowledge for war effort by Norwegian Government . They served for 6 to 8 years without knowing how things where at home. I salute these brave men



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